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歌名 !!




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    曲名:Out From Under

    演唱:Britney Spears

    專輯: Circus


    Breathe you out

    Breathe you in

    You keep coming back to tell me

    You’re the one who could have been

    And my eyes see it all so clear

    It was long ago and far away

    But it never disappears

    Try to put it in the past

    Hold on to myself and don’t look back


    I don’t want to dream about

    All the things that never were

    Maybe I can live without

    When I’m Out From Under

    I don’t want to feel the pain

    What good would it do me now

    I’ll get it all figured out

    When I’m Out From Under

    So let me go

    Just let me fly away

    Let me feel the space between us

    Growing deeper and much darker every day

    Watch me now and I’ll be someone new

    My heart will be unbroken

    It will open up

    For everyone but you

    Even when I cross the line

    It’s like a lie I’ve told a thousand times


    Part of me still believes

    When you say you’re gonna stick around

    And part of me still believes

    We can find a way to work it out

    But I know that we tried everything we could try

    So lets just say good-bye… forever

    CHORUS x2