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誰能幫我翻譯(牙科相關的英文) 20點!拜託

To rstablish adequate tooth reduction and depth marking,the following must be examined and evaluated:

*Age-dependent tooth color,existing discoloration

*keep in mind that with increasingage,thr rnamel becomes thinne due to erosion,abrasion,and attrition

*Necessity of alignment as indicator of the thickness of the ceneer

*At least 0.7mm thickness ofceramics is required in order to attain discernable shade correction

*Carefully consider the balance between conserving tooth structure and achieving the required ceramic thickness to attain the desired esthetic effect

*Prepare finish lines even if the ceramic is very thin,because it allows the dental technician to recognize preparation limit and is important for the definitive positioning of the veneer during insertion procedures.

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    對rstablish充分牙減少和深度標號,必须審查和評估下列: *Age-dependent牙顏色,現有的色變 *記住與increasingage, thr rnamel成為thinne由于侵蝕、磨蝕和損耗 對準線*Necessity作為ceneer的厚度的顯示的 *至少0.7mm要求厚度ofceramics為了獲得可辯別的樹蔭更正 *Carefully考慮在保存的牙結構和達到必需的陶瓷厚度之間的平衡獲得期望審美作用 *Prepare终点线,即使陶瓷是非常稀薄的,因為它允许牙科技师认可準備極限并且对明確安置是重要表面飾板在插入做法期間。


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