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幫我翻譯自我介紹 急







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    I'm OOO. Now, I'm studying in OO high school. I'm a positive, optimistic and resiponsible person. In my academic experience, my favorite subject is mathematics. I always solve math problem with careful and patient attitude. When I face a delema, I never try to give up at first. I joined a study tour in Singapore helf year ago. In the study tour, I strengthen my English ability and met a lot of friends from several countries and still get in touch with them. My aunts graduated in Accounting Department from Ming Chuan University, so your Department certainly do impress me a lot and it'd been my first chooice in my study plan while I was a high school student. In the future, I hope I can be an outstanding accountant.

    2009-04-10 20:47:25 補充:

    sorry, not positive but active or aggressive.

    參考資料: my self
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    I am xxx, currently studying at xxx high school.


    I am an active, optimistic, and responsible person.


    Among all subjects, I like math the most.


    I always figure out the answers with caution and patience.


    I never give up in face of difficulties.


    I have been travel-studying in Singapore for half an year. The journey enhanced my English ability and also let me know many friends from many countries. Until now, We keep in contact from time to time.


    My aunt and great aunt were graduated from Dept of Accounting at Min-Chuan. I am therefore very much impressed in this department since my childhood.


    I have made this department my first priority since I am in high school. I wish to be an elite accountant in the future.

    2009-04-16 18:36:30 補充:

    When I face a dilema,

    2009-04-16 18:37:08 補充:

    half year ago

    2009-04-16 18:37:51 補充:

    In the study tour, I strengthened

    2009-04-16 18:39:16 補充:

    so your Department certainly does impress me a lot

    2009-04-16 18:41:21 補充:

    it have been my first chooice in my study plan while I was a high school student.

    it had been...代表現在可能不是 my first choice

    2009-04-17 09:36:13 補充:

    It has been my first choice 才對 have been 打錯了

    參考資料: myself
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    I is 000, currently attend 00 senior high schools, I am that the person whom one is aggressive, optimistic and is responsible for is in the academics I like mathematics most , I will with elaboration, patience to calculate out the answer, being me to meet a difficulty in no case will easily give up, I once went to Singapore study-abroad trip for half year, this itinerary strengthens my English ability to also know to come from many friends of different nations and still accidentally has a contact till now, in the family, aunt and aunts all graduate from Ming to spread an accounting, so I since the childhood spread accounting's impression to the Ming deep, in the senior high school also already the Ming spread an accounting for my the first wishes, at the future, I hopes to become an outstanding accountant.