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小夏 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


Leader: 我們餐廳最近營業額有點不理想,是在想說是否有需要改進的地方。所以今天召集各位來開會一下,請大家提出建議來討論看看,你們可以多提供一些意見來聽聽,那...你們現在有什麼建議的嗎?

建議者A: (舉手)或許我們可以從店面裝潢來改進,以風格為主題。例如用包廂方式來區分各地的不同風格,讓客人有身歷其境的感覺,這建議大家覺得如何?

Leader: 這建議不錯,但由於我們經費有限,這建議暫時保留。那請問誰還有建議?

建議者B: (舉手)我認為想要留住消費者不只要再裝潢上下功夫,更應該再衛生方面做改進。例如桌子要擦乾淨、碗要洗乾淨、食物也必須要新鮮,這樣才能給消費者好印象才會想來第二次。

Leader: 嗯...這點很重要,需要做到。那誰還有意見?

建議者C: (舉手)我建議菜色需要改變一下,像是可以創造一些菜色,來塔配某一地區的風格,讓消費者可以嚐到該地區的風格美食。

A: (舉手)。

Leader: (指建議者A) 請說。


Leader: 我認為A的建議可行,雖然經費需求較高,不過能讓消費者留下深刻印象更重要。那還有什麼需要建議的嗎?

建議者D: (舉手)我的建議是規劃出一套屬於我們餐廳的待客之道,配合各地的風格,穿著當地的服裝、當地的待客之禮,這可以讓消費者體會到當地的風情。

Leader: 嗯,對,禮貌的態度也很重要。

Leader: 嗯....集合大家的意見,我決定要把店面以包廂式的各地風格為主題,而且利用各地菜色來搭配包廂風格,禮儀方面,就配合該地區的風格來穿著,但服務態度更為重要。最後更重要的一點,衛生一定要嚴格的去管制。所以這大家覺得如何?

所有建議者:(點頭) OK!

Leader: 那今天會議就到此結束,謝謝各位的參加。

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  • 1 0 年前

    Leader: Our restaurant has recently somewhat unsatisfactory turnover, i wanted to know whether there is room for improvement, so i came to convene this meeting today. if anyone have recommendations for discussion please speak.So do anyone have any proposed yet?

    Proponents A: ( hands raised) Perhaps we can to improve the decoration from the store to the theme of style. For example, around the box way to distinguish between the different styles, so that the calendarguests the feeling of its habitat, how do you consider this proposal?

    Leader: This proposal, but because of our limited funds, this proposal to suspend the reservation. Who was also suggested that I would like to ask?

    2009-04-11 06:08:35 補充:

    Proponents B: (a show of hands) I think that as long as consumers do not want to keep re-decorating efforts, more should be done to improve health. For example, to clean the table, a bowl to wash clean, food must be fresh, so as to give consumers will want a good impression the second time.

    2009-04-11 06:09:01 補充:

    Leader: ah ... This is important, needs to be done. Who are the comments?

    2009-04-11 06:09:05 補充:

    Proponents of C: (a show of hands) I suggest that you need to change the recipes, such as a number of dishes can be created to tower with the style of a particular region, so that consumers can taste the style of cuisine in the region.

    2009-04-11 06:09:18 補充:

    A: (a show of hands).

    Leader: (refer to proposal A) Yes.

    2009-04-11 06:09:29 補充:

    Proponents A: I have the recommendation of C have different views, I think we should create a variety of dishes, such as around the main course style, so as to attract more consumers around the past.

    2009-04-11 06:09:41 補充:

    Leader: I think the A's proposal feasible, although the demand for higher funding, but allow consumers impressed even more important. What is proposed you need?

    2009-04-11 06:09:50 補充:

    Proponents D: (a show of hands) My proposal is that we are planning a restaurant hospitality, with local style, wearing the clothing, the hospitality of local ceremony, which will allow consumers to experience the local the style.

    2009-04-11 06:09:59 補充:

    Leader: ah, on, courtesy of attitude is also very important.

    2009-04-11 06:10:41 補充:

    Leader: ah .... to pool everyone's advice, I decided to shop around a box-like style as the theme, but also to use with food all over the box style, etiquette is concerned, in terms of style with the region to wear

    2009-04-11 06:11:04 補充:

    (接上一句), but the attitude of even more important. The last is more important is that health must be strict to control. So this how you feel?

    2009-04-11 06:11:13 補充:

    All the recommendations were: (nods) OK!

    2009-04-11 06:11:22 補充:

    Leader: that on the end of today's meeting, Thank you for your participation in

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