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    I want to go to Korea because that is a shopper's paradise for girls.

    I really like the clothes in Korea, especially a brand called SPRIS.

    One of my favorite Korean celebraties is the spokesperson of the brand.

    However, the brand is not imported in Taiwan and it is only sold in Korea.

    I hope one day I can go to Korea and buy a lot of clothes.

    The second place I want to go is Japan and I want to go to Tokyo Disney Wonderland.

    I heard that is the biggest amusement park in Asia and it is the paradise both adults and kids dream for.

    I want to forget about all the worries and wave away all the pressures.

    I also like to watch Japanese films and I want to visit the places that were in the films.

    參考資料: 曾住澳洲10年的我~
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    I want to go to South Korea, because it is their girls to the Kingdom .

    I like the clothes in Korea, especially the brand SPRIS , it's endorsement by an artist that a really like.But in Taiwan did not import, it can only be in South Korea, I hope that one day can go to South Korea to buy back a pile of clothes .The second country that i want to go, isJapn, the" Tokyo Disneyland ".It is Asia's largest park, it's adults and children's dream of paradise! I want to forget all the pressure away troubles.

    參考資料: 自己^^”
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    I want South Korea, because that is female students' shopping kingdom I like South Korea's clothes very much, particularly SPRIS sign Is also the South Korean entertainers who I like very much speaks on another's behalf But actually has not imported in Taiwan, can only only then have in South Korea Real hope one day may go to South Korea to buy pile of clothes to come back Second wants to go the country is Japan, wants to go to the Tokyo Disney Heard that is the Asian first big paradise, adult and in the child illusion heaven Wants to forget the worry all pressure jettisoning. I also like looking that Japan absorbs the piece especially, wants to look inside once appeared scene.