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in winter 還是 in the winter???

in winter 還是 in the winter???

什麼時候 用 in winter

什麼時候 用 in the winter 呢?

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    請問in winter 和in the winter 用法的區別

    1. We saw snow almost everyday in the winter.

    2 .Well,the weather is very cold in winter in my hometown.


    為什麼一個要加定冠詞 the  另一個不用

    事實上兩者都可以. 雖然 the 是定冠詞專指特定某一...

    有證為例 (from 《朗文當代高級辭典》)

    例: The birds fly north in summer. 夏季鳥兒向北飛。

    The swallows fly south in the winter. 冬季燕子向南飛。

    例: In spring, the birds migrate north to their breeding grounds.

    春天, 鳥兒遷徙到北方的繁殖地。

    A bird or animal that travels from one part of the world to another,

    especially in the autumn and spring.

    有時句子唸起來順不順會影響此 the 的去留.



    我通常是用in winter 不會加the

    除非是碰到in the winter vocation 我才加the

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    我只知道"in winter"ㄟ!!!

    一件事後面要加"in winter"

    例如:I want to ______ in winter.

    參考資料: 自己學來的!!