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可以幫我把以下的內容翻成英文 (不要使用翻譯軟體) 謝謝









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    1. Convenient and something once we eat, we will love it.

    2. Suggest less fried food and more vegetables and fruits.

    3. Main food in Taiwan is rice, while in United States are salad, beef steake, bread and hamberger.

    4. I think, in 1940s, Americans were reticence in sex.

    5. I suppose difference between men and women is what they have in mind.

    6. Here in Taiwan it plays fair between men and women, In United States the same, and yet American men get more attention.

    7.Essentially, Anti-semitism is to eliminating their awareness of Jewry and characteristic in their blood.

    8. Black man is the most serious racism problem in United States, as to in Taiwan used to be the oboriginal races.

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    修正1. Something convenient and once we eat, we will love it.

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    3號是貼錯地方了嗎= =?

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    1. will eat also has been easy to become addicted

    2. as far as possible little to eat fries in oil food to have the vegetables fruit

    3. Taiwan three meals a day take five valleys as the staple food will be the rice quite conveniently, what the US ate was greens beefsteak earth department Hamburg

    4. I thought that in 1940, the American to the nature was conservative.

    5. I thought that the male student and female student's difference is the psychological idea is dissimilar.

    6. Taiwan to the sex the manner is the equality of the sexes, the US is also the gender equality, but probably compares pays great attention masculine

    7. counter-still the principle essentially, is must eliminate Jew's national consciousness thoroughly, causes it to lose the national sympathy and the national character.

    8. what the US is been most serious the racial discrimination is the black, Taiwan before what is been most serious the racial discrimination is the indigenous people.


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