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良好的風度(禮儀)對我們的生活和事業多非常重要。風度好的人不管到哪裡去總是受人歡迎。不過 ,良好風度並非我們與生俱來;這需要培養。譬如 , 我們須不斷提醒自己要尊重別人意見。更重要的是 ,我們必須很謹慎 ,千萬不要說出任何傷人感情的言語。

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    The good demeanor (etiquette) many are important to our life and the enterprise. No matter the demeanor good person always does receive the human to where to welcome. However, good demeanor we are by no means born that way; This needs to raise. For example, we must remind itself to unceasingly respect others opinion. More importantly, we must be very discrete, do not say any offends somebody the sentimental spoken language. 希望對你有幫助.

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