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1. What does Barton’s account reveal about the difficulties facing Army nurses?

2. What about any difficulties with Army personal?

3. Giving the description by Barton what conclusion can made of the conditions of battle for the soldiers?

4. How effective was the care given to the wounded and injured?


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    1. Five days and nights with three hours sleep-a narrow escape from capture-and some days of getting the wounded into hospitals and if you chance to feel, that the positions I occupied were rough and unseemly for a woman-I can only reply that they were rough and unseemly for men.

    2. with 3,000 suffering men crowded upon the few acres within our reach. The wounded were laid so close that it was impossible to move about in the dark. The slightest misstep brought a torrent of groans from some poor mangled fellow in your path.

    3. The ground, for acres, was a thinly wooded slope-and among the trees on the leaves and grass, were laid the wounded who pouring in by scores of wagon loads, as picked up on the field the flag of truce. All day they came and the whole hillside was red.

    4. How we put socks and slippers upon their cold feet, wrapped your blankets and quilts about them, and when we no longer these to give, how we covered them in the hay and left them to their rest! . . .

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