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Mister donut的三大堅持:「提供其他地方所沒有的美味甜甜圈」、「給消費者最舒適的門市環境」,「使人心安溫暖的服務」,可以讓消費者得到良好的服務,而「以顧客心為我心」是Mister donut 服務的基本理念,只為了看到顧客滿意的笑容。

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    Mister donut three big insisted: “provides the delicacy sweet circle which other places do not have”, “to the consumer the most comfortable retail sales environment”, “makes one feel at ease the warm service”, may let the consumer obtain the good service, but “take the customer heart as my heart” is Mister the donut service basic idea, only to see customer's satisfied smiling face.

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    Mister donut three insisted: "there is no other places to provide the delicious donut," "to the consumer the most comfortable store environment," "is the warm peace of mind service" so that consumers can be assured of quality services, and "customer-heart for my heart" Mister donut services is the basic idea, only to see the customers smile with satisfaction.


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