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又來到了操場的中間 記憶裡的籃球聲輕輕點

 點起了一圈圈的懷念 曾經一起遊玩的那些天

 像美麗的旋律在耳邊 黑板上的塗鴉還在蔓延

 刻劃出那年夏天我們的 一點一點盛夏的光年

*那年那月這一天 我們說了聲再見

 像是在經最告別童年 天真的笑臉

 那時的我留著淚 知道很快就不見

 童年的時光剩幾天 多希望能再擁有幾年

 又來到熟悉的盪鞦韆 曾熱鬧的遊玩地點

 點點滴滴都正在上演 就像回憶裡最甜的短片

 演出了六年終於結尾 揮揮手涙慢慢流在心間

 那一滴滴一行行一點點 每年都有的不捨依戀

Repeat *,*

 那天我留著眼淚 知道很快就不見

 童年的時光好像才幾天 多希望能不道分別

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  • 1 0 年前

    Also arrived in the drill ground middle

    Memory basketball sound to select gently  

    The spot had a fondly remembering

    Once together played these days

    Likely beautiful melody nearby ear

    On blackboard's doodle also in spread

    Scores that year in the summer we

    Bit by bit midsummer's light year

    That years that month of this day

    We said the sound

    Is likely is passing through most says goodbye to the childhood naive smiling face

    At that time I kept the tear to know that very quick did not see

    The childhood time remains more than several day of hope to be able to have several years again

    Also arrived familiar swings once lived it up plays the place

    In the intravenous drip is performing likely recalls the sweetest short film

    Performed six year ending to wave the hand the tear to flow slowly finally in the heart between

    A that a little bit all the various professions little every year has not the shed dependence

    Repeat *,*

    That day I keep the tear to know that very quick does not see

    The childhood time probably only then more than several day of hope can not say the distinction

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