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We examined the effect of supplementing drinking water with saturating concentrations of Leu or BCAA on diet-induced obesity in C57BL6 mice. Neither Leu nor BCAA supplementation affected body weight or body composition .Not surprisingly, other obesity –related metabolic endpoints were similarly unaffected by these interventions. plasma glucose was significantly lower when measured at several times during the last few weeks of Expt.1,but not in Expt2 or 3,However,in the latter experiments, the Leu or BCAA was removed from the water during the food deprivation period. Because plasma glucose has been shown to decline in response to BCAA or Leu in studies from several laboratories and in different species ,the glucose lowering effect would seem to warrant further mechanistic studies (16)﹝for review,see(2)﹞.

As mentioned earlier, several previous studies have observed improved body weight control after Leu or BCAA supplementation (2,7-9,16).Thus, we were surprised by the lack of effects of Leu and BCAA supplementation on body weight in our study. This may relate to the mode of supplementation we employed. Because the solubility of the BCAA in drinking water is relatively limited (e.g.compared with other amino acids),the average Leu concentration in plasma from the supplemented (HF+Leu) mice was only 76% higher than that of the HF group. Although this was significant in mice with free access to food. it was not significantly different when the were food deprived. Thus , we cannot be sure that plasma Leu is always elevated with this type of supplementation. In comparison, prandial Leu concentrations increased by 2~300% in meal-trained rats (4). In mitochondrial branched-chain

aminotransferase isozyme (BCATm) knockout mice, which has strong effects on insulin sensitivity and body weight, Leu concentrations were typically elevated by ~400-3100% depending on the diet provided (15).


Therefore, the concentration of Leu we achieved in this study may not be great enough to observe the changes in body mass observed in other studies.

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Another difference between this and some of the previous studies is that, in some cases, Leu supplementation was coupled to some other intervention such as dietary restriction or exercise.

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Alternatively, supplementation was provided in the solid portion of the diet by providing proteins with extra BCAA (7,9).

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    我們檢查有浸透列伊芳或者BCAA節食引起的C57BL6老鼠的肥胖症的集中補充飲用水的影響。 列伊芳和BCAA 增補都不感染體重或者身體組成。 不令人吃驚,鼓舞的其他肥胖症代謝endpoints 類似不被這些干涉影響。 當被在Expt的過去幾周在幾次測量時,等離子葡萄糖相當低。 1 , 但不是在Expt2或者3裡,不過,在後面實驗裡,列伊芳或者BCAA在食品剝奪時期被從水除去。 因為由於BCAA或者列伊芳在來自幾間實驗室的研究過程中和在不同的種類方面,等離子葡萄糖已經被顯示下降, 降低影響的葡萄糖好像證明更進一步的機械學的研究為正當 ( 16 ) ? 欲了解回顧,參見 ( 2 ) ? .

    如前所說,幾項以前的研究已經觀察改進的體重在列伊芳或者BCAA 增補(2,7-9,16)點之後控制 . 因此,我們因為在我們的研究過程中的缺乏列伊芳和BCAA 增補對體重的影響驚訝。 這可以與我們雇用的增補的模式有關。 因為在飲用水方面的BCAA的溶解度被相對限制(用其他氨基酸的e.g.compared) ,在來自被補充的(HF+Leu)的等離子裡的平均列伊芳集中 老鼠只比高頻組的高76%。 雖然這在有免費食品的入口的老鼠裡重要。 不相當不同什麼時候食品剝奪。 因此,我們不能確信等離子列伊芳總被用這類增補提升。 在比較過程中,prandial列伊芳集中在飯訓練的老鼠裡增加2 ~300% ( 4 ) . 在mitochondrial 分開鏈子裡

    aminotransferase isozyme(BCATm) 擊倒老鼠,對胰島素敏感性和體重有強壯影響, 通常提升了列伊芳集中 400-3100%的取決於提供的飲食 ( 15 ) .

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    在這和一些以前的研究之間的另一個差別那個, 有時候,列伊芳增補被連接到一些象限制飲食或者鍛鍊那樣的其他干涉

    或者,增補透過為蛋白質提供額外的BCAA被在飲食的可靠的份方面提供了(7,9) .

    參考資料: , Dr.eye
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