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金字塔主要分佈於開羅周遭的吉薩 Giza 等地。埃及的歷史是悠久而連貫的,通常是以統一的情況,象任何一個文明一樣。已經出土的埃及金字塔約有八十座,但是,因為自然的風化和人為的破壞,多數已成了一堆塌坍的沙石,現存較完整的約三十多座。它們都位於尼羅河西岸,在古埃及人心目中,尼羅河是太陽降落的西岸,則是亡靈的世界,所以金字塔位於尼羅河西岸。神秘的埃及金字塔吸引許多歷史學家前往探究,也吸引世界各地的遊客前去觀光遊覽。考古專家認為這一重要發現可能有助於人們揭示金字塔地區更多秘密。埃及的歷史是悠久而連貫的, 通常是以統一的情況, 象任何一個文明一樣。

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    Pyramid mainly distributes in places all around such as Cairo Giza.

    金字塔主要分佈於開羅周遭的吉薩 Giza 等地

    Egypt's history is glorious and links up, usually is by the unified situation, any civilization is likely same.


    Already the unearthed Egyptian Pyramid approximately had 80, but, because of the natural decency and the artificial destruction, most has become the grit which a pile collapses collapses, extant complete approximately more than 30 places.


    They are located at the Nero West Bank, in the ancient Egyptian mind, the Nile River is West bank which the sun descends, is the deceased person's soul world, therefore Pyramid located at the Nero West Bank.


    The mystical Egyptian Pyramid attracts many historians to go to inquire into, also attracts the world's the tourist to go to go sightseeing the tour.


    The archaeologist thought that this important discovery is possibly helpful in the people promulgates Pyramid area more secrets.


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  • 安安
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    Pyramids have been found around Giza which is close to Cairo. The history of Egypt is long and continous and it usually comes in a form of unification like others.

    There are over 80 pyramids which have been uncovered. They have now been nothing but sands and stones after being washing off by wind and the damage human did.

    There are about over 30 pyramids which are complete. They are all located on the east coast of the Nile River.

    The ancient Egyptians regarded the Nile River as the west coast that the sun set and it was also the world for the dead spirits; therefore, pyramids are located on the west coast of the Nile River.

    The mysterious pyramids have attracted many historians. They all want to explore them. They have also drawn tourists around the world.

    Archaeologists consider this import discovery a key to uncover more secrets about the pyramids.

    埃及的歷史是悠久而連貫的, 通常是以統一的情況, 象任何一個文明一樣。 (跟前面重覆 我沒翻)

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