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Jacque works with five large lumber mills on the West Coast. They notify him when a carload of lumber is available to be shipped, specifying the grade, condition, and number of each size board in the shipment. Jacque isn’t the only person selling for these mills—but he is the only one in his area. He isn’t required to take any particular number of carloads per month—but once he tells a mill he wants a particular shipment, title passes to him and he has to sell it to someone. Jacque’s main function is to find a buyer, buy the lumber from the mills as it’s being shipped, and have the railroad divert the car to the buyer.

Having been in this business for 20 years, Jacque knows all of the lumberyard buyers in his area very well and is on good working terms with them. He does most of his business over the telephone or by e-mail from his small office , but he tries to see each of the buyers about once a month. He has been marking up the lumber between 4 and 6 percent—the standard markup, depending on the grades and mix in each carᅳand has been able to make a good living for himself and his family. The going prices are widely publicized in trade publications and are listed on the Internet, so the buyers can easily check to be sure Jacque’s prices are competitive.

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    這位大大您好 我的答案是

    Jacque与在西海岸的五個大木材磨房一起使用。 他們通知他,当一貨車裝載的貨物木材是可利用運輸时,指定每個大小委員會的等级、情况和數字在發貨。 Jacque不是賣為這些的唯一的人磨房,但是他是只那个在他的區域。 沒有要求他採取一貨車裝載的貨物的任何特殊号码每月,但是,一旦他告訴他想要特殊發貨的磨房,標題通過给他,并且他必須賣它对某人。 Jacque的主函数将找到買家,買從磨房的木材,因为它運輸和安排鐵路将汽車转变为買家。

    是在這事務20年, Jacque在他的區域很好知道所有貯木場買家并且在好工作與他們的期限。 他做大多数他的事務在通话中或由從他的小辦公室的電子郵件,但是他设法每月一次看其中每一個買家。 他標記在4和6百分之這標準標註之間的木材,根据在每汽車ㅡ的等级和混合和能谋生他自己和他的家庭的好。 市价在贸易性出版物廣泛被公開并且是列出的在互聯網,因此買家能容易地檢查肯定Jacque的價格是競爭的。


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