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英文翻譯 (有關Heal the world)




曾被喻為“世界上最動聽的歌曲” 拯救世界 (Heal the world)是一首呼喚世界和平的歌曲,十分優秀,歌詞倡導人們保護和珍惜我們的環境,讓戰爭遠離,世界和平,我們的心中都有一個地方,那就是愛,讓我們營造一個沒有戰爭、沒有荒地,生機勃勃,到處充滿了溫暖和歡樂。

michael jackson的《heal the world》大概是1991年的,收錄在他dangerous這張專輯中。當時是為了全世界的兒童,成立了一個“兒童基金會”,michael為這些孩子寫了這首動聽的歌。

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    Heal the world is a song fuels the fire of world peace which was so brilliant that has been recognized as "the most beautiful song on the world." The lyrics advocate protecting and cherishing our planet, getting away from wars and sticking to world peace. Love is the place where people share together. Let's create a prosperous place where is full of warmth and happiness rather than wars and barrenness.

    Michael Jackson's Heal the World was released around 1991 which was one of the collections in the album “Dangerous.” Michael wrote the beautiful song for children all around the world and founded a "Children Foundation."

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  • 正吉
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    Once known as "the world's most beautiful song," save the world (Heal the world) is a call for world peace songs, very good lyrics advocacy to protect and cherish our environment so far away from the war, world peace, we have a place in the hearts that love, let us create a world free from war, there is no land, vibrant place full of warmth and joy.

    michael jackson's "heal the world" probably in 1991, and included in this album he dangerous. At that time, the world's children in order to set up a "UNICEF", michael for these children to write the first song sounds.


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    Admonish world extremely person attract song become world save call global peace song very excellent lyrics people advocate environment protect value war far part have global peace mind inside all provinces provide in a word love build moorland provide war lost have in full flood here and there warm pleasure fill.

    It will collect in mostly 1991 of 《heal the world》 of michael jackson in this dangerous of him special title. The purpose is the child in all parts of the world at that time, and one "Child's fund association" was established, and michael wrote the song that attracted the person with this neck for these children.


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