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可以幫忙從以下英文中自選9個寫成一篇大約150字左右的兩人對話嗎 ? 感恩

1. cut it out (stop)

2. troublemakers (惹麻煩的人)

3. quite the affair (something important)

4. bet (確定.打賭)

5. We have quite a team (we are a good team)

6. By the way (順道一提)

7. leave.....alone (打擾.擾亂)

8. incident (事件)

9. motivated (有動機的)

10. crime (罪)

急用 拜託




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    A. We have quite a team.

    Today is a big day for us.

    It's this close to the championship.

    B. You bet.

    This is going to be written in the history.

    How about Mr. Q's drug incident?

    A. I have heard about it from several channels.

    Was he motivated to commit such a crime?

    B. What for?

    He has always been a troublemaker since junior high.

    I am not surprised at all.

    He had records of fighting with classmates,

    insulting teacher, stealing, cheating, ...

    A. Cut it out.

    Leave him alone, will you?

    It sounds like it was quite the affair by all accounts.

    B. It is.

    And I believe he is going to pay a huge price for it.

    The Committe will announce their decision on Friday.

    He is doomed.

    A. I feel sorry for him.

    He's not as bad as he looked.

    By the way,

    he had to work 2 jobs after school to keep his family fed.

    B. Really? I don't know that.

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