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急~ 請英文高手協助....

1. 形容 "沒有能力, 什麼都不懂, 什麼都不會的人" - 英文應該怎麼稱呼?? 中文可以說 "草包" 之類, 英文呢?

2. "公司的人都心機很重, 相互算計" - 英文該怎麼形容?

3. "多做, 多錯; 少做, 少錯" - 英文怎說?

4. 因為對結果很失望, 所以感到 "心寒" - 英文怎麼表達 "心寒" 之意?

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    1. Incompetent (adj.) - e.g. an incompetent person...can be used on its own in place of an adj. + n. combination

    or a buffoon (n.)

    2. The people working there (or, in that company) are calculating, scheming individuals.

    3. The more you do, the more mistakes you are prone to make; thus, the less you do, you will commit fewer mistakes.

    4. sheer disappointment OR


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