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‧喝咖啡忌上癮 (每杯約150cc)以上咖啡,即容易造成上癮,危及身體健康。

‧酒後不宜喝咖啡 酒後不宜喝咖啡否則會更刺激血管擴張、加快血液循環,增加心血管的負擔。

‧勿喝太濃的咖啡 太濃的咖啡會使人變得急躁且理解力減弱。

‧勿馬上抽煙 喝咖啡後,不能馬上抽煙,否則容易對心臟造成危害。

‧喝咖啡最好添加奶精 喝咖啡時最好加一些奶精,以緩和對胃的刺激,但是奶精與糖皆有熱量,須控制攝取量,以免發胖。

‧適量的飲用咖啡 適量的咖啡攝取,對人體應該無傷,所有的食物都是上天恩賜。因此下次在你悠悠閒閒品嚐一杯咖啡時,除了讓你享受優閒、輕鬆的氣氛,達到紓解壓力、放鬆身心、消除疲勞的作用外,這杯小小的咖啡正為你的身體健康築起了一道堅強防線,小心地保護著您,只要記得別喝得太多哦!



*誘發骨質疏鬆症-咖啡因會引起鈣質的流失,導致骨骼疏鬆症的產生。每天喝三 杯咖啡以上的婦女,尤應小心堤防!








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    1 Coffee's health knowledge

    ‧ addictive free cup of coffee (each cup about 150cc) over coffee, that is easily addictive and endanger health.

    ‧ drink should not drink a cup of coffee or a cup of coffee should not be more stimulating vasodilation, accelerate blood circulation, increased cardiovascular burden.

    ‧ Do not drink the coffee too strong coffee too will become impatient and understanding of people weakened.

    ‧ Do not smoke immediately after a cup of coffee, can not smoke, or easy to cause damage to the heart.

    ‧ The best coffee creamer to add the best cup of coffee creamer plus some to ease the irritation of the stomach, but the creamer and sugar have calories intake must be controlled so as not to get fat.

    ‧ amount of drinking the right amount of coffee intake of coffee, there should be no injuries on the human body, all the food is natural gift. So next time you enjoy a cup of coffee闲闲long time, in addition to let you enjoy the Leisure, relaxed atmosphere, to relieve stress, relax body and mind to eliminate the role of fatigue, this small coffee cups for your body health to work together to build a strong line of defense, be careful to protect you, as long as I remember do not drink too much, oh!

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    以上是第一個 咖啡的健康學問 的翻譯


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    ‧ drinks the coffee death anniversary to become addicted (each cup approximately 150cc) above the coffee, namely easy to create becomes addicted, endangers the health. after

    ‧ liquor, otherwise after will not be suitable will drink the coffee liquor, is not suitable drinks the coffee to stimulate the vasodilatation, to speed up the blood circulation, will increase cardiovascular's burden.

    ‧ do not drink the too thick coffee too thick coffee to be able to cause the human becomes irritable, and the comprehension faculty is weaken. after

    ‧ do not smoke immediately drinks the coffee, cannot immediately smoke, otherwise causes the harm easily to the heart.

    ‧ drinks the coffee best increase milk fine drinks when the coffee the best Canadian some milk essence, relaxes to stomach's stimulation, but the milk essence and the sugar all have the quantity of heat, must control the ingestion quantity, in order to avoid puts on weight.

    ‧ right amount drinks the coffee right amount coffee ingestion, should not have to the human body injuries, all foods are the heaven gracious gifts. Therefore next time when a your leisurely and carefree taste coffee, except lets you enjoy, the relaxed atmosphere well-to-do, achieves relieves the pressure, the relaxation body and mind, the relieve fstigue outside the function, this small coffee has been building a strong defense line for yours health, is protecting you carefully, so long as remembered that do not drink too many!

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    Healthy knowledge of coffee

    The ‧ drinks coffee to hate to become addicted the ( each one to namely and easily cause to become addicted , to endanger healthy 。 about the 150 cc ) above coffee ,

    After shoulding not drink coffee wine after the ‧ wine should not drink coffee to otherwise stimulate blood vessel more to extend 、 to speed blood circulation , to increase cardiovascular burden 。

    The ‧ doesn't drink too thick coffee too thick coffee will make the person become anxious and the apprehension weaken 。

    ‧ Not right away smoke to drink , can't smoke , otherwise right away to easily cause to endanger 。 to the heart after coffee

    When he/she drinks coffee and had better add a cream to drink coffee the ‧ had better add some cream ,s to all have calories , by mollifying agree with stomach incitement , but cream and sugar must control to take quantity , in order to prevent to deliver fat 。

    The ‧ just the right amount drinks coffee just the right amount of coffee take , to the human body should not hurt , all foods are a Gods kidness to grant 。Consequently next time at you long carefree taste a cup of coffee , in addition to let you enjoy the at leisure and contented 、 easy atmosphere , to reach to put aside the , outside the function that the pressure 、 relaxs the mind and body 、 cancellation fatigue, this very small coffee, just for your healthy body start to build the together strong defense line , carefully protects your , to only remember and don't drink too manily!

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