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  • li-wi
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    Hi, I'm Ben, for always renown for be Afritrex crazy, energetic one. And there is only 55 seconds left to tell you why. Ahhh!

    嗨!我是Ben, Afritrex(一個類似救國團的慈善旅遊活動)出名瘋狂,精力充沛的傢伙。只剩下55秒讓你知道,啊~~

    I love to discover new places. Last year I drove all around Africa. I crossed deserts, climbed mountains, ran marathon, bungee jumped, mountain biked, scuba dived, and snorkeled everywhere. Because...I practice to be a fish by self! As I tried new things, how about riding a ostrich! What can I say? Animals love me, and I love them, too. Especially the fare rare... OK, maybe not that rare.


    I'm a great communicator, love meeting people, and mercy myself in other cultures. I read newspapers and magazines articles, giving TV and radio interviews, and keep the journal and video blog on my website to share my experience with others. And I love to do the same to you. We can learn about a hundred miles of magic, great barrier all together and all the Queensland has offered.


    I'm an experienced plan manager, charity fundraiser, and tour guide. I have a bachelor's science degree, and keep interests in photography. So on your map! If it's the best job in the world then I would love to be in the best place in the world!


    2009-05-19 18:15:49 補充:

    倒數第二段The Great Barrier (Reef)是大堡礁啦,sorry!

    參考資料: WEB & ME
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