Can't type Chinese on Vista

Ok, here is the story...I bought a NB in English, Vista.

Then I install Chinese (Taiwan) at the very beginning, and so I can type Chinese (or see Chinese) perfectly.

Then all of a sudden I can not type Chinese anymore.

(I re-install Chinese(Taiwan) again but it didn't work... Is there anyway I can type Chinese again? Without downloading programs/hardware...

PS: I can still see Chinese on web/word/yahoo, just can't type it anymore.


I did add Chinese in language list, and changed the setting. But it won't let me type Chinese still.

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(this is how it looks like:

Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)


|--Chinese (Traditional)-US Keyboard

|--Chinese (Traditional)-New Phonetic

Is there something wrong there?)

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    Have you change any setting in language?


    do you add Chinese in language list?

    It actually has Chinese and English.

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