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英文phrasal verbs例句

我需要大概25句的例句(以下5個Phrasal verbs)

turn something on

turn over ; turn somebody or something over

turn up

turn something up

wake up ; wake somebody up


每題的答案都是一個phrasal verb


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    (1). turn something on

    - I would like to turn the fan on.

    - The radio has been turned on.

    - Albert is turning the air conditioning on as it is hot outside now.

    - No one can turn on the TV, because it is broken.

    - The music was turned on, so they could dance.

    (2). turn over ; turn somebody or something over

    - We are looking forward to turning over a new leaf of our life.

    - Amy decided to turn over the bookshop to her sister.

    - I turned over my report to Mrs Chen last week.

    - If you turn over a turtle on its back, it could not move.

    - People who find a wallet on the street should turn it over to the police.

    (3). turn up

    - She didn't turn up for the meeting yesterday.

    - I will turn up the light as it is too dark now.

    - No one in my family expected the missing watch would be turned up.

    - The story she was describing this morning turns up to be a joke.

    - They haven't turned up since this morning, and no one knows where they are.

    (4). turn something up

    - Could you turn up the TV? I could barely hear it.

    - Mary turned up the gas to make dinner for her family.

    - Don't turn up your nose at any new technology.

    - The volume of my cellphone has been turned up, because my boss is going to call me later.

    - The spotlight was turned up as Jolin was on stage performing.

    (5). wake up ; wake somebody up

    - My mother always wakes me up at 7 o'clock every morning.

    - It was a true wake-up call for me when I found out that I had cancer last year.

    - The baby was woken up by the noise downstairs.

    - Sally has been woken up by the alarm clock since dawn.

    - I will wake him up if you need to talk to him now.

    參考資料: 英文分類高手 - 我
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    miss馮教的嗎??哈哈 (我現在是三年級喔)


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