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stick it to me的意思

stick it to me 的意思




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  • Elisa
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    stick it to (someone), Slang. to take advantage of; treat unfairly.

    stick it to me = take advantage of me = 利用我, 佔我的便宜.

    2009-05-30 11:29:29 補充:

    除了指"利用我, 佔我的便宜"的意思之外, 也意指 "嚴厲的批評,懲罰,或打擊報復我"


    stick it to someone

    = to harshly criticize, punish, or retaliate against someone

    2009-05-30 11:45:08 補充:

    stick it to her

    = To have sexual intercourse with a girl, 跟女性發生性交行為

    2009-05-30 11:45:26 補充:

    Stick it to: To treat severely or wrongfully.

    嚴厲的對待, 或不正當地的對待

    以上是我所知道的和有關"stick it to me", "stick it to someone", "stick it to her"的所有參考資料.

    2009-05-30 11:51:48 補充:

    總結, stick it to me

    = 利用我, 佔我的便宜,

    或 = 嚴厲的批評,懲罰,或打擊報復我

    或 = 跟我(女性)發生性交行為

    或 = 嚴厲的對待我, 不正當地的對待我, 或錯待我

    參考資料: Myself. Went abroad at age 11. A project manager in the US since 1992.
  • 1 0 年前

    stick it to me 原意=> throw shit at me (人家把屎丟在尼身上,所以才粘了上去)

    除了被別人佔便宜之外,只要是別人要把任何尼不想要的屎事塞給尼,都算是 stick it to me

    so 一般我們口語常講 「Don't stick it to me!」

    參考資料: live in Canada