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My house is going to make some changes. Every member in my family is going to be happy after these new changes.

In front of the entrance to my house, there is a living room; it is going to be a new sofa to sit and watch TV. Then the wall is going to change the color. It is going to be light blue. In the back of the house, there is a kitchen; it is going to be a new table and chairs. We are going to have dinner together in this new place. In my bedroom, there is going to be tidy and clean. I am going to buy a new wardrobe for clothes. My bed is going to be new one. It is going to be comfortable for sleep.

The house is an important place for family. Our family thinks the changes are going to make new mood. My family hopes we are going to like the changes for life.

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    Some changes are going to be made to my home. All my family members are absolutely thrilled about these new changes.

    For the living room infront of the house after the corridor, there will be a new set of sofa, which replaces the old one, for us to sit and watch TV. The wall will be repainted in light blue. We are going to change the table and chairs in the kitchen at the rear of the house with the new sets. This should give a different atmosphere for us to have dinner together. I am going to tidy up my bedroom and throw old things away. I will buy a new wardrobe formy clothes. I will be also using a new bed soon. It should be then more comfortable to sleep.

    A house is an important place for a family. Myfamily thinks these changes are going to make a different atmosphere at home. We hopewe will soon feel good with the changes of our home.

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    把 A house is an important place... 改成 A home is an important place...

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    把 infront 改成 in front

    把 formy 改成 for my

    把 hopewe 改成 hope we

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    把 Myfamily 改成 My family

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    a lot of mistake

    that's what my friends told me

    good luck

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