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資金管理:籌措、運用與往來銀行的交涉;2. 出納:傳票的檢查、存款、支票的出納、簽發收據等 ;3. 查帳的應對處理:會同查帳、內部查帳之指導;4. 會計資訊系統的操作:熟悉與會計相關軟體之操作,如:Excel、Access及密碼管理;5. 應收款的管理:帳款收回及餘額之管理、客戶信用調查、減少壞帳發生的機會 ;6. 應付款的管理:支付帳款時點選擇對公司最有利的時點;7. 成本管理;8. 決算事務與管理;9. 稅務;10.財務報表的編制調整與分析;11.預算之編列與運用

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    Fund management: financing, the use of the representations with the bank; 2. Cashier's: summonses checks, deposit, cashier's checks, issuing receipts, etc.; 3. Audit response to deal with: in the audit, internal audit of the guidance; 4. the operation of accounting information systems: familiar with the accounting software operation, such as: Excel, Access and password management; 5. receivables management: the balance of accounts of recovery and management, customer credit investigation, to reduce the chance of bad debts; 6. payables management: de facto choice of accounts to pay the company the most favorable point in time; 7. Cost Management; 8. accounts and management services; 9. Taxation; 10. adjustment of the financial statements and analysis; 11. budget made with the use

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    Administration of the fund: Raises, the utilization and the Dealing bank negotiation; 2. Teller: Subpoena inspection, deposit, check teller, signing and issuing receipt and so on; 3. Audits accounts deals with processing: Handles jointly with audits accounts, the interior to audit accounts the instruction; 4. Accountant information system's operation: Is familiar with is related operation of the software with accountant, for example: Excel, Access and password management; 5. Should receive money management: The credit reclamation and the remaining sum management, the customer credit investigation, the reduced bad account occurs opportunity; 6. Should pay money management: Payment credit point in time choice to the company most advantageous point in time; 7. Cost management; 8. Final accounts business and management; 9. Tax affairs; 10. financial reporting establishment adjustment and analysis; 11. arranging in order of the budget with utilizes