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何謂 Liquid Investor

我知道Angel Investor,但沒聽過liquid investor,我跟國外通信時看到這個用法,google後也查不出它的英文解釋。

想請知道的大大詳細解釋。Thanks a lot.



Thanks for the information.

Totally agree your explaination!

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    Liquid Investment


    An investment that one has immediate access to, either the ability to buy or sell the investment (such as a stock or mutual fund) or the ability to access and withdraw funds (such as a savings account).

    See liquid asset.


    Definition of Liquid Asset :

    Cash and other assets (such as accounts receivable, demand and time deposits, gilt edged securities) that can be converted into cash in a short time, with little or no loss in value. In some countries, precious metals (usually gold and silver) are considered also liquid assets.

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    希望經由國外網站對Liquid Investment的解釋能幫助你了解到Liquid Investor的意思.