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阿輝 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前



7點一到整個人就深陷在傳說中的橙海裡 Andy一出現大家就無法自拔的尖叫中.

DD一出現就唱了Propose,聽現場的果然是不一樣(讚) 後來DD也有和歌迷們玩遊戲,真的只能說你是一個大好人






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  • 1 0 年前

    (昨天一到TICC,就看到好多公主有在放氣球的貼紙,也看到好多公主都好專業喔! )

    I just arrived TICC to see was putting the balloon lable by many

    princesses yesterday, and also saw many princesses

    were very specialty!

    (7點一到整個人就深陷在傳說中的橙海裡 .)

    Just arrived at 7:00, I deeply sank into the orange sea

    of the fable.


    When Andy appeared, everybody was to be unable to extricate

    oneself to scream.


    As soon as DD appeared and sang Propose. Listening to the Live

    was really dissimilar (excellent).


    Afterwards DD had also played the game with the fans

    that really only can say he is a very good person.


    Also he especially brought his postcard which was sent by his fans

    from South Korea, and read for everybody on the stage that was real

    feeling good intention.


    After DD left the stage to changed his clothes, and then came on

    stage to sing by JUMPER who was only can say is worthily

    came out by Andy who was really excellent!


    But only can say time has gone too fast that 2 hour 40 minutes was

    passed all of a sudden.

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  • 1 0 年前

    Yesterday as soon as arrived at TICC, saw that had to many princesses is putting balloon's label, also saw well to many princesses specialized! 7.1 arrive gives people a hard time on the depth in the scream which as soon as fable orange nautical mile Andy presents everybody to be unable to extricate oneself. As soon as DD appeared sang Propose, listened to the scene is really dissimilar (approves) afterward DD also to have with the singer fans plays the game, really only could say that you were a big good person also especially take the singer fan from South Korea to send for his postcard, read on the stage gives everybody to listen, the real feeling good afterward DD left office attentively trades clothes, came on stage by JUMPER sings, only could say that was worthily brings by Andy to approve!! But can only say that the time too quick 2 hours 40 minutes all of a sudden have passed

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