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We thank you for your letter of December 4 , giving us shipping instructions

together with marks and numbers , for 10

cases cotton goods on your order of november 5 , We now have the pleasure of appring

you that the goods are being shipping per

N.Y.K STEAMER “KONGOMARU”sailing on the

14th december , as per our invoice enclosed.

As arranged , we are drawing a draft upon your good , selves at sight , D/P , for the amount viz, US$5,000 , and ask you to protect it , the shipping documents will be surrendered by the Oriental Bank against your payment of our drafe.

the present market is a trife easier , but this is owing more to the time of the year , which is between seasons than to any

other cause , and no doubt , prices will be firm again in about a month's time, we

trust our shipment will give you every

satisfaction and in duce you to plece with

us you renewed orders , to which we shall

at all times be most pleases to give our

every attention

yout very truly

INC, 1 Invoice

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    感謝你12月4日的來函通知我司出貨注意事項, 嘜頭及數量, 關於11月5日貴司訂購的10箱綿花商品, 我們已安排於12月14日走NYK的船班-船名為“KONGOMARU”,詳細內容請見隨函的商業發票.

    關於付款的事項, 我們依付款條件-即期D/P, 開立商品金額-美金五千元的匯票, 麻煩貴司進行付款,我司指定銀行Oriental Bank確認貴司付款無誤, 會將船務文件交給貴司.

    2009-06-10 21:29:08 補充:

    目前的巿場交易較以往活絡 ,但跨季節的未收帳款因各種因素影響而高於往年, 無庸致疑的, 價格將一個月再調整, 我司很榮幸能與貴司交易, 相信我司所提供的產品能使貴司滿意, 並樂於繼續將未來訂單交予我司.

    參考資料: 自己翻譯, 自己翻譯