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Classical drama formed an integral part of the Renaissance classics curriculum. In England several who founded grammar schools specified that a classical play should be performed every year; and on the continent, where Catholics were teaching in Protestant schools and vice versa, the religious climate excluded contemporary religious plays, so the classical repertoire was used exclusively. But medieval scruple hung on grimly, even into the eighteenth century.

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    Classical opera has formed the whole part of new student's classical creation course. The number which establishes junior middle school in Britain should carry out classical drama every year to appoint; And at the continent, the Catholic is the teaching in Protestant's school and the opposite is also true, the contemporary religious drama that the religious climate is got rid of, so classical repertoire has been totally used. But scruple is cold one hangs down dangerously in Middle Ages, even enter the 18th century.

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    Classical drama was one of the most fundamental and noteworthy achievements during Renaissance. Some British who founded grammar schools began the fashion of annul performance of a classical play in England. Classical repertoires championed among all types of plays in America under the religious climate. Interestingly, medieval scruple did not die out in the sea of various dramas during Renaissance. It survived even until after the Renaissance, the eighteenth century.


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