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  • 魔神
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    1 0 年前

    你好 以下為我所翻譯的內容 請發問者好好過目 謝謝!

    Children bicycle

    Grandparents to grandchildren to take care of a small bicycle, in order to save the park, the activities of many unnecessary troubles, do not add up infant car seats, baby do not need an additional cart, which is the value of major improvements in design.

    Family bike combines the design of baby carriages, baby carriages also removed the use of direct implementation, the use of more convenience! Designed to put more bags, more use of space, when without the use of baby carriages can be removed as a store, shopping a good helper.

    Therefore this case will be the design of bicycles and baby carriages parents as a combination, that is, the demand for improvement in the use of this does not facilitate the grandparents who provide a convenient use.

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  • 1 0 年前

    Mother-and-Kid BIKE

    A BIKE for GrandPaMa to look after a grandchild.

    To retrench much dispensable trouble for going Park Activity.

    No need to tie a baby chair,nor a babywagon.

    ~This is our major reform to important design value.

    It intergrate a capability of a babycar,

    we can take-part it to use at first-hand.

    Which increase convenience to put to use!!^____^

    It is much more leather handbag space

    to help putting goods and greens.

    It's both of a Family Bike and a babycar

    to better demands not unhandy to grandparents.

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