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英文問題回答 不是翻譯唷 20點

我英文太爛 請高手用英文幫忙回答問題 不是翻譯唷 謝謝^^

1. Why do you think mountain clumbers take risks? What should they have done?

2.How can you make a plan for traveling another country?

3.According to Jean Piaget, what are the four main stages in the cognitive development of children?

4.What do you expect about your lives in ten years?

5.Tell me an elderly person you know and describe what his/her life like.

6.If you plan to apply to an university for the scholarship, how would you tell the interviewers about your career objectives?

7. Five things you would like put in a time capsule to give future generations clues about what life is like today.

8. Do you think places like Stonehenge need to be protected? Why or why not?

9. What kinds of music do people your age listen to in Taiwan? What kind of music do you usually listen to?

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  • 1 0 年前

    1.In my opinion, I think they do not check their healthy situation in advance. They should have to check it first then decide to go or not.

    2.I will collect lots information about the country that I want to visit. Like their culture, diet, temperature etc. And the most important thing is to find out what places that I am interested in. When I have done these works then I can make a great plan for my traveling.

    3.這一題你要參考出處是哪裡, Jean Piaget? 小孩認知的發展階段,有哪四個主要的階段?

    4.Nowadays, everything changes so fast. I cannot even think "Where is tomorrow?" So, all I can say is "There is always a chance." Be brave to face every challenge.

    5. I want to introduce my grandfather. He is always get up at 4 o'clock and do some exercises in the park near park. He is a bike technician. So when he finished his exercise, the working day just begin.Although his life is busy but he likes bike not only because bike can let him to earn money but also he loves what he do.

    6.I will make a complete and perfect plan to introduce my career objectives that why they should apply my scholarship.

    7.First I will put today's newspaper, second is a picture which have people all I loved. Then is a tape that record my voice and lot of thing that I want to share with them, Fourth is a book which to put down in writing of stock.(Maybe they can find some information from it.) Last is a rose.

    8.Sure, it should be protected immediately. It goes without saying because it is one of the greatest and famous historic interest in the world.

    9.In my age, this generation, we like to listening to the music that can relaxed our mind. I like sofa or basanova etc that kind of music.