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由於不同時代發展的需要,致使某些鐵路相關空間使用率降低,甚至廢棄,此時可將閒置資源考慮以不同的方式再利用,賦予新的意義和景觀功能,結合地方產業以活化都市發展,東豐綠色走廊,這條鐵路支線過去是東勢、石岡重要的運輸脈絡,以載運木材及農工業產品為主,早期輸出大雪山林場的杉木、紅檜,後來則運送農產品、修建石岡水壩的人資,1991 年鐵路停駛後,1998 年台中縣政府將其規劃為自行車道,建設一結合遊憩、文化、交通與產業的休閒空間。

本研究以東豐舊廢鐵道沿線及舊車站為研究對象,以永續都市發展、閒置空間再利用資源活化的觀點,經由文獻回顧歸納相關評估因子後,透過層級分析法(AnalyticHierarchy Process,簡稱AHP),求得各評估因子之權重值及排序,以做為永續都市發展下東豐綠色走廊及東勢客家文化園區再利用永續方向之參考。

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    This research by continues forever to develop the strategy angle to show the idle space resources with activate the metropolis development, the region industry, the historical culture again using the pattern and so on unify the relations, achieved continues forever in the development the environment care, the industrial localization, the historical culture extension is the goal.In the metropolis developing process, the metropolis space has the idle because of the time vicissitude and the industrial change or abandons loses the space, causes to save originally in the metropolis space historical vein with society faces the change after the relations, in which certain loses the idle space local history culture, the place industry center, the load bearing its culture extension.How continues the place memory, the spatial special characteristic which in the idle space plants deeply, with the contract original industry core status is extremely important.

    Because the different time need to develop, causes certain railroad correlation space utilization ratio to reduce, even abandons, this time may leave unused the resources to consider uses again by the different way, entrusts with the new significance and the landscape function, unifies the place industry to activate the metropolis development, the Dongfeng green corridor, this feeder railway in the past was east the potential, the stone post important transportation vein, carried the lumber and the farm worker industry product primarily, the early time output the big snowy mountain tree farm the pine, the chamaecyparis formosensis, afterwards shipped the agricultural product, the construction stone post dam person helps, after in 1991 the railroad stopped trips, in 1998 the Taichung county government its plan was a bike path, constructed a union amusement and rest,Cultural, transportation and industrial leisure space.

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