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    We found people can keep themselve healthy and prevent some diseases by applying the most natural food.


    In accordance with the report, eat more broccoli helps to lower the risk from getting gasteric cancer. Even the commonly used spice - turmeric, is also a replacement for medicine to heal wounds.


    Cancer patients not really have to rely on traditional treatment, chemotherapy and medicine therapy cost less money.


    Some hospitals have begun to adopt therapies that will not cause nauseating, dizzy and some other uncomfortable symptoms.


    Such as simple yoga, acupuncture and massage, the foremost is to supplement with more natural nutritions to defeat cancers.

    參考資料: Myself
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    I found that people can use the most natural food to maintain good health and prevent some diseases, such as the scariest cancer. According to report, eating plenty of cauliflower can help reduce the risk of getting gastric cancer. Even the most common-used spice, turmeric, can replace medicine's use of healing the wound. Even if you are the cancer patient, you don't really have to follow the traditional therapy. Chemotherapy and medication cost much more. Some hospitals have adopted treatment that won't make patients feel the nausea, dizziness and and some other treatments that would cause uncomfortable symptons, such as simple yoga, acupuncture and massage. The most important thing to remember is to take suffiecient natural nutrients to win over the cancer.

    參考資料: me and dictionery
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    I discovered that the people may use most natural food to maintain the health, to prevent some diseases, is the most dreadful cancer likely, pointed out according to the report, the edible cauliflower may reduce suffers from stomach cancer's risk; Common commonly used Xin spice - turmeric yellow, may also replace the medicine to heal the wound. Even if is cancer patient, also not necessarily must depend on traditional the treatment, the money which the chemotherapy and the pharmacological treatment spent are more, has the hospital already to let the patient in the use not have, dizziness disgusting…And so on, some uncomfortable symptom's treatment way, is likely the simple Yoga, acupuncture and the massage, most importantly must supplement that the natural nutrition defeats cancer.


    參考資料: 電腦
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