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幫我翻譯段落(中翻英) 很急!! 20點









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    Yilan is in to born under being moist blue positive small stream, plentiful rainwater perennially, supply the sufficient water for Yilan, let Yilan become the only the whole country and does not need the place of the reservoir , because of the rainwater too , let us have millennium wooden forest of the Chinese juniper and abundant natural landscape of well-known whole Taiwan.

    ' the rain of the blue male genital ' brands in the mind of every native in Yilan deeply, the rain of the blue male genital is the natural phenomena, it is portrayal of native country , true life the most of native in Yilan to is it take place to make with rain and accord with the life , culture of Yilan closely, let rain of Yilan to visit obstruction of development , let the rainwater become selling point but not obstacle no longer, let passengers like to call on Yilan too during moving about , finish visiting the purpose to develop continuously forever, drive and go sightseeing and develop the business opportunity in the whole year. Regard this as the hair and think of the concept , we pick and choose the old saw ' bamboo moat windy, much rain bluly, it it lasts the winds proverb to be blue rain ' ' blue ' whether run after fame, introduce ' 2008 Yilan rain section not blue not international of rain ' activity.

    We hope with this activity, attract all to come to Yilan, fill one and enjoy this good on the ' good mountain , fine water , fine life ' in Yilan.

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