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tino 發問時間: 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 1 0 年前

翻譯成英文 周傳雄唱的”黃昏”歌詞中翻英 (20點)

煩幫我翻譯周傳雄唱的"黃昏"歌詞中翻英 請不要用翻譯機

因為是幫外國朋友翻譯的所以請幫忙翻成他比較容易理解的意思! 20點奉上 麻煩各位高手大大...Orz



開車行駛在公路無際無邊 有離開自己的感覺



感情的世界傷害在所難免 黃昏再美終要黑夜

# 依然記得從你口中說出再見堅決如鐵 昏暗中有種烈日灼身的錯覺

黃昏的地平線 劃出一句離別 愛情進入永夜

依然記得從你眼中滑落的淚傷心欲絕 混亂中有種熱淚燒傷的錯覺

黃昏的地平線 割斷幸福喜悅 相愛已經幻滅







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  • 1 0 年前

    因為是歌曲, 翻的比較沒那麼公式化..


    After a whole season of summer.


    There is no diminish in my rue.

    開車行駛在公路無際無邊 有離開自己的感覺

    Driving along the highway that stretch beyond the horizon, there is a surreal feeling of leaving myself behind.


    Cant finish singing a song.. 


    I am left with fatigue and dark circles.

    感情的世界傷害在所難免 黃昏再美終要黑夜

    Hurt is part and parcel in the realm of love. Although beautiful, dusk ultimately has to fade away for the night.

    # 依然記得從你口中說出再見堅決如鐵 昏暗中有種烈日灼身的錯覺

    I still remember the firmness in your eyes when you said goodbye, an illusion of being burnt by sorching sun in the twilight.

    黃昏的地平線 劃出一句離別 愛情進入永夜

    The horizon of dusk, draws a line of separation and love, goes into forever darkness.

    依然記得從你眼中滑落的淚傷心欲絕 混亂中有種熱淚燒傷的錯覺

    I still remember the heart wrenching tears that fell from your eyes, the illusion of being scalded by hot tears amid the chaos.

    黃昏的地平線 割斷幸福喜悅 相愛已經幻滅

    The horizon of dusk, cuts through happiness and thus, the demise of love.

    2009-06-19 23:13:22 補充:

    下面是個小註解, 可以讓你的朋友看. 這樣他比較能理解歌詞中的奧妙.

    This song is about someone who have lost his love and recollecting his memories as he drove down the highway. He metaphorizes his love to that of dusk, happiness to that of sunshine and sadness to that of night.

    2009-06-19 23:13:37 補充:

    Dusk is usually one of the most beautiful part of the day, but it ultimately has to be replaced by the night. And losing his love is akin to being in eternal darkness. There is no dawn, no daylight nor another dusk.

    2009-06-19 23:13:57 補充:

    As the sun sets, the horizon at dusk is like the divider that draws a line separating between happiness and dejection.

    2009-06-19 23:14:09 補充:

    Such analogies and metaphor is very common in mainstream chinese literature whereby daylight signifies something that is positive and energetic while the night is associated with sadness and melancholy.

    參考資料: 自己翻譯的...
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  • 匿名使用者
    1 0 年前

    Have a complete summer

    Sadness is not better

    Driving in highway traffic have to leave their boundless boundless sense of

    唱不完a song

    Left black eye fatigue

    Hurt the feelings of the world the United States is inevitable and then end the evening to the night

    # Still remember the words to say good-bye from your firm such as iron in the dark who feel the hot sun illusion Alexa

    Set aside the evening of the horizon of love to enter a departure永夜

    Still remember that fall from your eyes the tears of grief stricken chaos endemic to the illusion of eyes burn

    Cut off the well-being of the evening horizon have become totally disillusioned with the joy of love

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  • 1 0 年前


    Lead complete summer

    The sadness didn&ampt be very some

    Drive to drive boundless and limitless have already left his/her own feeling in the highway

    Sing don&ampt finish a song

    The weariness still leaves a black eye

    The world injury of feelings cans hardly be avoided evening again beautiful eventually want dark night

    Still remember to speak out to see again resolute from your orifice as iron dusk medium have already grown the illusion that the hot sun burns a body

    The horizon of evening marks a departure love into long night

    The still remembering the tears that slide in the eyes from you are sad to want to cut off confusion medium have already grown the illusion that the hot tears burn

    The horizon of evening cutting off happy joy to love each other has already melted into nothingness

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