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我也很想有一個機會能夠出國拓寬自己的國際視野,但因經濟因素一直沒有機會能夠出國,所以我很喜歡看Travel & Living、Discovery等類的頻道來滿足我想到國外的欲望,很高興Eric能提供這個機會給我們。在7位面試者中,我是年紀最小的一個,我相信我一定比其他面試者有更多發展的空間和時間。

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  • rman n
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    1 0 年前

    I love photography, I enjoy pressing shutter and feel a great sense of achievement when capturing the touching moment or the beautiful pictures.

    I am always the one to take photos whenever we go out with friends. I like to express the friendship between people through those pictures I take. My friends are also very glad to feel our friendship bonding closer through those precious moments kept in my pictures.

    As my passion for photography grows, my simple camera cannot meet my needs anymore, some pictures I expected cannot be taken by the simple one. Therefore, I always want to have a professional camera. However, due to the economy recession, I do not dare to ask for awfully expensive camera from my parents and so i could only stick with my old partner. Whether I have professional camera or not, I will keep trying capture the pictures with my own eyes and my simple camera. It might not be wide-angle picture , but the one can touch your heart. I also want to have the chance to travel abroad and widen my international view, but it has never been fulfilled due to budget concern. Instead, I can only satisfy my desire to travel by watching channels like Travel & Living、Discovery. I am pleased that Eric grant us this chance. Among other 7 candidates, I am the youngest one and I believe I have more time and potential to develop in photography


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