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1Where are your demanded Mum

2I like your haircut remarked Chris

3My stomach hurts Scott groaned

4 Which way do we go asked Andrea

5 Help yelled the children

6Do I have to go moaned Simon

7Can we go home now asked Rebecca

8 What is the capital city of France asked the teacher

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    1"Where are you?" demanded Mum.

    (it should be you and not your)

    2 "I like your haircut," remarked Chris.

    3 "My stomach hurts," Scott groaned.

    (for question 2 and 3, after haircut and hurts, it is a comma because

    the sentences didn't end yet)

    4 "Which way do we go?" asked Andrea.

    5 "Help!" yelled the children.

    6 "Do I have to go?" moaned Simon.

    7 "Can we go home now?" asked Rebecca.

    8 "What is the capital city of France?" asked the teacher.

    參考資料: ABC~LA
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    1. “Where are your demanded” Mum

    2. I like your haircut remarked “Chris”

    3. “My stomach hurts.” Scott groaned

    4. “Which way do we go?” asked Andrea

    5. “Help yelled the children”

    6. “Do I have to go moaned” Simon

    7. “Can we go home now” asked Rebecca

    8. “What is the capital city of France” asked the teacher

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    1''Where are your?'' demanded Mum

    2''I like your haircut.'' remarked Chris

    3''My stomach hurts.'' Scott groaned

    4 ''Which way do we go?'' asked Andrea

    5 ''Help!'' yelled the children

    6''Do I have to go?'' moaned Simon

    7''Can we go home now? '' asked Rebecca

    8 ''What is the capital city of France?'' asked the teacher

    參考資料: 自己
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