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文法題一題) the extent to 的用法

When the epidemic broke out, the extent to __ it would affect our lives could not be calculated.

(A) whom (B) what (C) that (D) which

求解析。題目我是做對了,可是我不懂的是那個to 在那邊做什麼。到底為什麼要有個 to在那邊呢?


They examined the extent to which (=how much) age affected language-learning ability.

To what extent (=how much) did she influence his decision?


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    先要知道一個片語 to a [certain] extent (就某程度而言); to a greater or lesser extent (或多或少)

    到達某樣程度 to the extent : He gambled seriously, to the extent of losing his job and house. 他賭博嚴重到失業輸掉房子(的程度)


    the extent (to which it would affect our lives) could not be calculated ==> 不管括號的東西,主句意思是:這個程度是無法計算的。

    接下來: 括號 () 中間 to which it would affect our lives 是借用關系代名詞 which 來說明 extent. 程度。什麼程度? ==> 影響我們生活的程度。本來which 就代掉 extent,但是要使用片語 to the extent, 所以變成 to which.

    整體翻譯: 當這流行疾病爆發時,它會影響我們生活的程度是無法估算的。

    參考資料: 文法基本功
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    the extent to which = how much

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    My vote is for (b) - "what". My reasons:

    (1) "the extent to what" is the inverse form of "to what extent" to emphasize the "extent".

    (2) "to what extent it [the epidemic] would affect our lives" is what cannot be calculated.

    Man, you must have bigger brains - I use English daily but never thought about problems like this. I tip my hat to you guys.

    Good Job, Dudes!

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