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    One. The single-parent family meets the difficulty using the community resources   (1) single parenthood guardian is not easy to obtain the welfare news, usually need others' reminder.   (2) single-parent family main support originates the unofficial system to some families actually obviously insufficient.   (3) each county city is various regarding single-parent family's subsidy project.   (4) single-parent family has the multiple weak trends, the related welfare unit was still at present unable one and appraises.   (5) single parenthood welfare verifies the personnel not to take into consideration the seeking help feeling. Two. Single parenthood guardian to life anticipation by child primarily three. The single parenthood guardian is mainly in teaches the political community resources aspect to the community resources' anticipation, after hoping strives the class, to counsel the content, to lead the children point of view and the behavior aspect deviation; Society the political aspect hoped that puts loosen the subsidy application condition, the expanded subsidy specified amount.

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