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    1.Appreciate your reply, concerning color part I have already done a modification, the amount also does slight adjustment and asks a detailed enclosure~please again confirm, these problems will be taken up by me in the days to come, if have any problem to ask to contact me, thank!

    2.Each manufacturer good~I am a newly arrived purchase xxx, the business of the contacts wills be contacted you by me in the days to come, please much advise, if has a problem to also ask to contact me at any time, thanks!

    3.The enclosure reserves a list for the this year, please confirm amount specification to hand over a period, if without the problem please soon have goods, and reply to hand over a period and thank!


    參考資料: 英文老師的確認
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    1. thanks your reply, I has made the revision about the color part, quantity also does slightly adjusts, please detailed appendix ~ request to confirm once more, these questions will take over in the future by me, if has any question please to contact with me, thanks!

    2. each manufacturer good ~ I am the purchase which comes newly xxx, in the future the intercourse service will relate by me and you, please advise, if will have the question also please momentarily to contact with me, will thank!

    3. the appendix for this year's pre-order form, requests the confirmation quantity specification delivery date, if does not have the question please fast to prepare goods, and replies the delivery date, thanks!


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