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英文翻譯~急!英文不太好 請幫個忙

下面有篇文章 想請大家來翻譯..不要靠翻譯軟體的喔

Nurses in the epilepsy clinic make an invaluable contribution to the ongoing care of patients and families living with seizure disorders. We promote optimal wellness by sharing our specialized knowledge of epilepsy, its treatment and the common responses to the experience of living with this chronic condition.Epilepsy nurses function as advocates and educators, lending a unique and complementary focus to the care provided through the multidisciplinary health care team.Coordination of epilepsy clinical trials is an opportunity for a nurse to develop an extended, close relationship with patients and families. Over a period of years, patients may participate in a number of trials.


Coordination of epilepsy clinical trials is an opportunity for a nurse to develop an extended, close relationship with patients and families. Over a period of years, patients may participate in a number of trials.

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The Canadian Association of Neuroscience Nurses (CANN) included an epilepsy symposium (a first) at their annual meeting in Calgary in June 2004.

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It was wellattended,and evaluation forms asked to have an epilepsy symposium included in the program annually.Nurses who are specializing in this field are interested in attending sessions to learn more about their particular area of expertise.

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The role of the epilepsy nurse is to help patients with epilepsy who need:

1.diagnostic tests, e.g., EEG, MRI, CT, blood work.2. to start titration of one or two antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) know how to monitor side effects, which are sometimes subtle and insidious

5 個已更新項目: be taught how they or their caregivers can record their seizures effectively

5. to accurately relay information between their family doctor, neurologist, pharmacist and, in some cases, caregivers and employers.6. to obtain information on current research and developments in epilepsy

6 個已更新項目: with medical forms for financial or social assistance and insurance coverage for obtain information on telemetry and establish a support network of others with epilepsy by including them in planned educational seminars and activities, such as BBQs or lunches

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10. to obtain information on current laws on driving with epilepsy and patient rights in the to pursue athletics or guidance in how to modify their athletic expectations

8 個已更新項目: to pursue athletics or guidance in how to modify their athletic expectations1.2counselling on how to cope with peer pressure, sexuality, depression, alcohol and drugs, particularly for teens and young adults

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13.advice about respite care for their parents14. support during pregnancy and information about the effects of AEDs on pregnancy and breast-feeding 15.assistance in establishing a solid support network to guarantee a good quality of life, particularly for older adults

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16. to coordinate appointments for telemetry,neuropsychological testing, MRIs and SPECT scans17.guidance to titrate their AEDs prior to admission for surgery

11 個已更新項目: be monitored for one year after surgery and who occasionally need help to cope with the difficult transition to a seizure-free life after surgery.

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The nurse coordinator in a pediatric epilepsy clinic coordinates and assists in the care of children,adolescents and their families.

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The nurse coordinator provides education and support to help children and adolescents with epilepsy to grow with a sense of security, self-confidence and selfesteem and to realize that having epilepsy is only a small part of who they really are.

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Patient and family education:When a child is diagnosed with epilepsy, parents often experience a range of emotions, including fear, grief, anxiety and anger.

They may know very little about the condition and feel confused and helpless.

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It is important for children and their families to have a clear understanding of

epilepsy. The better their understanding, the better able they will be to accept and cope with epilepsy.

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The nurse coordinator is available to discuss any fears that parents or children may have about epilepsy, e.g., fear of a seizure, fear of dying,

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fears about peer acceptance, etc.; social issues, e.g., dealing with challenges of everyday life, ability to pay for medication, etc.; work- or school-related issues; family and

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and the role of local community groups and epilepsy organizations.Working with adolescents who have epilepsy can be challenging.Adolescence is a time of life when major changes occur. Relationships and peer acceptance are


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Having to deal with a diagnosis of epilepsy can be a major stress. It is important for the nurse coordinator to develop a trusting relationship, promote a positive attitude and encourage adolescents to take responsibility for their own health.

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    護士在癲癇症診所做對居住與發作性疾病的患者和家庭持續的關心的無價的貢獻。 我們通過分享癲癇症、它的治療和對居住的經驗的共同的反應我們的專業知識促進優選的健康以這個慢性情況。癲癇症護理作用作為提倡者和教育家,借一個獨特和補全焦點到通過多重學科的醫療保健隊提供的關心。癲癇症臨床試驗的協調是一個機會為了護士能開發與患者的延長,密切的關係和家庭。 在幾年內,患者也許參加一定數量的試驗。 癲癇症臨床試驗的協調是一個機會為了護士能開發與患者的延長,密切的關係和家庭。 在幾年內,患者也許參加一定數量的試驗。

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    1.diagnostic測試,即, EEG, MRI, CT,血液work.2。 要開始一兩種治癲癇藥物(AEDs) 3.to的滴定法會監測副作用,是有時微妙和陰險的

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    5。 準確地傳遞信息在他們的家庭醫生、神經學家、藥劑師,并且,在某些情況下,照料者和employers.6之間。 要得到信息關於當前研究與發展在癲癇症


    10。 要得到信息關於當前法律在駕駛與癲癇症和患者在workplace11.support在怎樣追求競技或教導修改他們的運動期望

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