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    My announcement:

    The following translation service is purely for your entertainment only. I do not guarantee the accuracy and the correctness in anyway. Please use it at your own risks.

    Web site content liability policy:

    We do not guarantee that the web contents are sellable or correct. We also do not guarantee that the listed products or services will be able to meet your needs or requirements. Further, we do not guarantee that the related [what related info?] information will not violate the rights of the third party. Unless it is specifically identified and associated with the specific products or services, for all other information and services, you are responsible for determination of their values, correctness, and effectiveness.

    However, we will do our best to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the information but in no way that these are guaranteed. We will also periodically update, add to or improve tour contents, products, and service information. We will not assume responsibility for the errors of the contents. [But you probably need to have a system to report & to correct the errors.]

    You, as the user of this website, shall assume all risks associated with using the site. We will not be able to take responsibility for the direct or indirect loss caused by the use of this website. The situations include, but not limited to, virus attacks you might endure by connecting to our website. Under this situation, we will not be responsible for the damages to your computer equipment.

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    6 年前

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    你這段是屬於法律用途的, 通常用字用語要極為正確, 否則未來發生官司訴訟之時, 一字之差讓你遺憾千年. 建議你不要在這裡問.

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    Content in the website doesn't need a responsibility pronouncement

    We don't promise that all of any contents on the website are without any error marketabilities or exactitude of, also not promise merchandise or service mentioning in the website can satisfy your a certain purpose or need, also not promise to will not infringe upon the right of any third party concerning the data.In addition to particularly the merchandise service noting promise item, any value, accuracy and effect of information and service that provides in the other websites have to by use in the website decides by oneself.

    In other words, we will make an effort to renew and make the information on the website accurate, but we can't promise that all information all belong to a precision without any error.We will haven't yet notice and periodically renew, increase or decrease or improve the content, merchandise and service information etc. of website.We can't content in the website of any wrong leak to be responsible for any responsibility.

    Any risk maying appear when you had to undertake to use this website by oneself.We all will not suffer because you use a website of any direct or indirect loss is responsible for a responsibility.For example, the computer that supposes you is in the process of linking a website in is invaded by the virus, we will not lose to start to take an indemnity responsibility for your computer equipment

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