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Phishing is a new kind of scam

There is a new kind of scam called “phishing,” which has plagued the Internet. Phishing sounds the same as the word “fishing,” and it implies a thief is trying to lure people into giving away valuable information. Like real fishermen, phishers use bait in the form of fake emails and false websites to con people into revealing credit card numbers, account usernames, and passwords. They imitate well-known banks, online sellers, and credit card companies. Successful phishers may convince as many as 5 percent of the people they contact to respond and give away their personal financial information. Because people who have access to the Internet (about 350 million) mostly live in wealthier countries, even tricking only 5 percent of them can make a lot of money.

Since there is so much money to make through this kind of scam, it has caught the interest of more than just small-time crooks. Recently, police tracked down an organized phishing group in Eastern Europe who had stolen millions of dollars from people online. Further investigation revealed that this group had connections with a major crime gang in Russia.

How can innocent websurfers protect themselves? Above all, always be wary of any email with urgent requests for personal financial information. Also, messages from phishers will not address recipients by name because they really don’t know who the recipients are yet. On the other hand, valid messages from your bank or other companies you normally deal with typically include your personal name.

Q What is the main purpose of this article?

A.To contrast phishers and hackers.

B.To report a serious phishing crime.

C.To explain the nature of phishing. 

D.To prevent Internet phishing scams.

Answer為C.說明Phishing 之性質

為何不選D.告知如何防範phishing scam



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    雖然文中最後面有說到要怎麼防範釣魚詐騙, 但是文裡大部分都還是在介紹詐騙的方式跟嚴重性, 雖然我個人是認為C跟D的答案應該都是對的, 但是硬要單選的話, C還是比較適當的答案, 不過我認為C跟D在這一題單選中擺在一起, 本身就是不太恰當, 容易讓這一題引起爭議。

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    因為這篇文章花了四分之三的篇幅說明Phishing 之性質, 最後的四分之一告知網路使用者如何自我保護避免上當.

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    這看起來很像GRE or GMAT的題目

    問題的重點在 Main Purpose. 從文章段落的編排 大部分都在介紹what is phishing 雖然文末有提一點點如何防範 但不足以代表Main

    Make sense?