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the usage of ”take up with”

Could anyone provide me with the usage of "take up with"? Actually, I look forward to the answer with explanation and examples. Either Chinese and English answer is fine. Thank you!

plus:If I made any mistake in above sentence, just let me know!


I my further question is that someone say A takes up with B means that A and B begain to have a good or remantic relationship. However, my teacher told me that sentence means A and B are friends, but B has negative influnece on A. Was my teacher wrong?

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Thank henryhuang07 for pick out my ambiguous expression. Again, please pick out my mistakes in above sentences, if any.

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Sorry, I made some typing mistakes:

1. A and B "begin" to have a good or "romantic" relationship...

2. Thank henryhuang07 for "picking" out ...

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    take(someone) up with (something): to make an agreement with (someone) to accept (an offer)

    指 與他人達成協議 而接受他人的邀請,好處等~~

    ex: If you have a problem, please take it up with one of our manager.



    take up with (someone): a begin a friendly or romantic relationship with (someone)

    指 開始與某人有一個良好的開始獲良好的關係

    ex: After her divorce, she took up with a younger man.

    她離婚後, 她和另一個小他數歲的人有良好的關係,互動

    (指的是 與後來的對象交往情況良好 )

    參考資料: 我自己 和 Merriam Webster's Dictionary
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    jimmy has the complete answer. BTW, "in above sentence" is missing the definite article (the).

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    first of all can I tell you something if you don't mind...

    Could anyone provide me with the usage of "take up with"?

    It looks complicated, you can say what does "take up with" mean?

    or how to use "take up with"?

    and about take up with, there are at least 2 meanings

    1. I always take my mobile phone with me.

    2. I have to take this matter up with my boss.

    all right than, pick one which you like better..

    2009-07-26 17:17:09 補充:

    something weird

    I don't understand what you mean by picking out? sorry I am confused about it

    because pick out means choose

    參考資料: been in the UK since I was a boy
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    Hope the below explanation and example helps~

    Take up with

    (1) To form a close relationship with someone.

    i.e. I hear that John has taken up with Jane.

    (2) To be contented to receive; to receive without opposition; to put up with