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In spite of the ancient time is Chinese and Foreign now, all of the military service and civil defences are national securities necessary strength.


The military service and civil defence both of the distinction lie in military service to participate the troops organization is according to the national law, carrying out superior order to reach the military mission, the civil defence is common people for protecting house Wei, according to security self-defense of rule, have a foothold to organize in a kind of association of the place.


The civil defence history is long, the times different name has a dissimilarity and turn over a soldier who open China with the result that the history then can understand. Sung Dynasty be called(country soldier), Ming Dynasty be called(the people is strong), the Manchu Dynasty was called(country courageously), went to 20 centuries are called civil defence or self-defence forces, its way result permits or has difference, however protect the spirit that the country loves one’s country but is consistent.




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    Throughout the world, military service and civil defense have been an essential force to national security.→「古今中外」很明顯是以中文為思考邏輯的成語,英文沒有這樣的習慣用語,不建議逐字照翻,而是把重點放在「從過去到現在(古今)、舉世皆然(中外)」,所以用現在完成式表「古今」,throughout the world表中外。


    For distinction of military service and civil defense, the former is a mandatory military actions based on national laws while the latter is a local organization established by civilians to protect their homeland for security and self-defense. →套用「A is …..while B is…」,這是英文中常見用來比較兩件事物的句型,相當於中文的「某甲是…..而某乙(則)是…..」


    Civil defense has a long history but different names in different eras. You can learn that by checking the military service history of China. Civil defense soldiers were called Xiang-Bing (hometown soldiers) in Sung Dynasty, Ming-Zhuang (civil able-bodied men) in Ming Dynasty, Xiang-Yung (hometown brave warriors) in Ching Dynasty, and civil defense or self-guard teams in early 20th century. Their regulations and achievements may vary but the patriotism remains the same.

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    最後一句 remains the same改成 remains consistent會更好些

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