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短篇文章中翻英 20點..急....



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    This luxurious hotel is located at United Arab Emirates, total height is 321 meters, it is erected at the artificial island in the Persian Gulf where is 280 meters far from the beach coast, it is just a curved road connected with land. It is also the tallest hotel in the world. The hotel was established in 1994, and opened officially in December 1999. Its appearance is like a single mast triangular junk, and specially settled down at a position which will not cover the beach by the building shadow. There is a cantilever beam structural apron extended from the edge of the building at the top of the hotel. There is the highest courtyard in the world inside the building, height is 180 meters.

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    Be located on Arabia to unite the luxurious hotel that the grand duchy Du does obeisance, whole 321 meters in height, it is stood erect to leave the artificial island in the sandy beach near the bank 280 meters far Persian gulf up, only by the road of a flection link land.It is also building in the highest hotel in the world.The hotel starts to set up in 1994, and formally opens in December, 1999.Its features very much resembling and singlemasted and triangle sail boat, and especially the idea Be settled to and can't let to construct the position of the sea beach of the shadow overlay.The coping of hotel establishes a is stretched out by the architectural edge of hang the apron of arm beam structure.Court in there is 1 in the building inner part in the world the highest ground of, 180 meters in height

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