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花花 發問時間: 旅遊其他:景點 · 1 0 年前

如何到Kansas city 的 Westin hotel


我要從台北搭機到美國的Kansas city



我要如何從Kansas city的機場到Westin hotel??


可以給我Westin hotel所有的資訊嗎??



Kansas city附近中國餐廳多嗎??


謝謝 請詳細 回答我的問題哦!! 非常感謝~



Kansas city 是在坎薩斯州吧??


要如何從洛杉磯道達kansas city呢??


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    Q1. The airfare is determined by date and airline. Each airline has its own hub to make the connection flights. For instance, you probably will transfer in Minneapolis when flying with Northwest.

    Q2. By car. There is a bus service from the airport to major hotels in downtown and midtown. The airport is small. It is quite easy to find the counter where you can find the schedule and cost. The alternative is to rent a car. It takes 30-40 mins. Be careful of the intersections near downtown. There is a major construction going on (building a new bridge). Read the map before getting on the highway.

    Q3. Westin is in the Crown Plaza center, which is a shopping mall (not big, but nice). The nearby destinations are Union Station and Liberty Memorial Museum. You will need a car to travel around. The room charge is around $120-$150. Sometimes, they offer discounts if you make non-refundable reservation. go to their website for further information.

    Q4. There are some Chinese restaurants. Most of the good ones are on Kansas side. The ones on Missouri side are americanized;. KC is quite spreading out (kind of like LA). It is not a big city like LA, NYC, or Chicago. But, it is not a small town. The midtown Plaza is a nice area to walk and shop around.

    Q5. KC is on both states, Missouri and Kansas. Most of downtown and midtown area are on Missouri side. It is a 3 hour flight to LA. It seems to me only Midwest Airline flys direct between LA and KC.

    參考資料: been there done that
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    MO 是在密蘇里州嗎??

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    有兩個kansas city啦

    一個在堪薩斯州 一個在密蘇里州


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  • debe
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    Q1: 打電話問旅行社最快了

    Q2:機場會有車子可以搭 到時抵達機場後 可以找櫃檯問價錢

    Q3:這是網站 自己可以上網 打入妳要入住的日期 查詢價錢


    Q5:Kansas city是在Missouri (密蘇里州)

    如果從洛杉磯搭機 需要至少4個小時才能抵達

    兩地的距離 當然是很遠嚕(CA是美西 MO是美中)

    2009-07-28 23:18:16 補充:


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