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Christopher Columbus 航行的故事

(1) 哥倫布考慮著一個 想法:既然世界是圓的 ,他就能向西航行到達東方。

(2) 這個想法絕非他的首創,但他曾經從一個水手那裏獲得了新的佐證,此人被大風刮離了航道,


(3) 他好不容易才得到資助,得以檢驗自己的想法,而且,在進行實驗性航行的實際過程中也歷盡了艱辛。

(4) 最後成功的時候,他找到的不是預期的新航線,而是整整一個新大陸。

(5) 任憑一切佐證對他不利,他仍然死死抱住自己的假設不放,並相信自己是找到了通往東方的航線。

(6) 他生前所獲讚譽和酬報甚少,不論他自己或是別人都未充分認識他新發現的意義。

(7) 以後曾有證據說明,他決不是到達美洲的第一個歐洲人。


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    (1) Columbus considers a viewpoint:Now that the world is round, he can face west voyage to arrive east.

    (2) This viewpoint far from his found, but he ever acquired new substantial evidence there from a sailor, this person was scraped by the gale to leave channel,

    Say by himself according to him, he is in the western heavy debarkation ground, then return a sail.

    (3) He with difficulty gets pecuniary aid, can examine own viewpoint, and, in the actual process starting experiment sex voyage also the Li exerted hardships.

    (4) Finally successful of time, what he find out isn't an anticipant new flight path, but a livelong New Continent.

    (5) Freeing to all substantial evidences is disadvantageous to him, he still dies to embrace his own assumption doesn't put, and believe that oneself is the flight path that finds out to lead to east.

    (6) The great fame that he meet with while was living and remunerate very few, in spite of himself or the other people didn't well know his new-found meaning.

    (7) Hereafter once there was evidence explanation, he will never be the first European who arrives America.

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    The Story of Christopher Columbus sailing

    (1) Columbus, an idea to consider: Since the world is round, and he could sail west to reach the Orient.

    (2) the idea is not his first, but he had obtained from a sailor of the new evidence, the people were great wind from the fairway,

    According to his own, he re-landed in the West, then returned.

    (3) he managed to get funding to test their own ideas, but also during the actual experimental process of navigation is also going through the hardships.

    (4) the final success, he is not expected to find new routes, but a whole new continent.

    (5) despite all the evidence against him, he still stubbornly cling to their assumptions hold, and believed that they were found a route to the Orient.

    (6) he had received very little praise and reward, whether his own or other people did not fully understand the significance of his new found.

    (7) since there was evidence that he is not the first arrival of Europeans in America.

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