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cefpirome 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

provide, advise, excess等用法

請比較下列字組用法差異, 謝謝!

provide / offer

advise / suggest / recommend

excess (當形容詞時) / excessive

nonetheless / nevertheless

dose / dosage

use (當名詞時) / usage


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    Provide可為及物動詞或不及物動詞. Provide for somebody/something

    provide something to somebody

    也有供給,扶養之意 He has a large family to pride for.他要養一大家子.

    Provide也有give ,supply的意思 provide food and clothes for one’s family.

    Provide也有約定,規定之意 The agreement provides that……


    Offer 的用法和provide一樣,也是可為及物動詞或不及物動詞.offer for somebody/something, offer something to somebody

    Offer也可以當名詞解,就是提供之物, make me an offer給我出個價.

    Goods on offer, for sale a certain price 出售的貨品.

    Advise可為及物動詞或不及物動詞, give advise to = recommend

    Please advise whether I should accept the offer. 請指示我是否該接受此項提議.

    Advised可當形容詞, 考慮過的. Well advised 明智的.

    Suggest 是及物動詞, suggest something to somebody.提出,提議,建議.

    What did you suggest to the manager?你向經理作為建議?

    Recommend是及物動詞, recommend something to somebody. I can recommend this soap to you.我可以推薦這種肥皂.

    Excess 可為名詞或形容詞. 當形容詞時就是extra, additional,額外的,附加的.

    Excess profits, excess postage…..

    Excessive 形容詞, too much, too great, extreme excessive charge 過高的索價.

    None the less = nevertheless 然而,雖然如此, 是連接詞,也是形容詞.=however, in spite of that.

    There was no news; nevertheless, she went on hoping. 沒有消息,然而他繼續存著希望.

    dose / dosage 名詞, 都是指藥的劑量.

    Dose 是一劑的劑量 amount of a medicine to be taken at one time.

    Dose 也可以當及物動詞, 使服藥 give doses to…

    Dosage 是下藥, 藥量 giving of medicines in doses; quantity of a single dose.服用的藥量.

    use (當名詞時) / usage

    use當名詞時是被使用的狀況 condition of be used. Out of use不再使用.


    In these cases use is the best guide 這些事件中,慣例是最好的指針.

    Usage是名詞, 用法,對待 way of using something, treatment,, 慣用.

    Such usages are not characteristic of educated speakers.這種用法並非有教養人士所慣用.

    參考資料: 我的書
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