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托福考題 父母是最好的老師嗎? 作文修改

題目: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Parents are the best teachers?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.


.....In this information age, teacher does not necessarily mean a person who teaches at school. A lot of things could be our teachers now. While some people claim that among these teachers, the parents are the best ones, I really don’t think so.

.....In my opinion, some parents have bad habits such as saying four-lettered words, fighting or even violating the laws. They do not set good examples for their children. According to the psychologists, the reason why there are so many young hooligans in our society is that their parents’ do not care about them or too indulge them, which makes these children go astray. Parents are the best teachers? I doubt it.

.....In addition, parents are not good teachers by nature. To the best of my knowledge, a good teacher should be well-educated and be well-trained in advance. Most parents can hardly have the chance to be trained well how to be good teachers, not to mention the best teachers. Take my grandparents, for example, they were illiterate and obsolete. As a consequence, my mom could not broaden her horizons easily. Parents could be the best teachers unless they are well-educated, couldn’t them?

.....In a nutshell, “Parents are the best teacher.” is a kind of stereotype. It should be overthrown.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 這是我自己練習寫的 能請大家幫我修改一下內容 文法 用字嗎? 感謝各位英文大師囉

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  • Kevin
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    Hi 阿國,

    Writing essays is all about expressing personal viewpoints, which I don't really have anything to say about, well, except the following:

    1. I would start the first passage like this:

    In this era of information, one doesn't have to teach in school to be a teacher, and neither do the parents. However, just because they can teach doesn't necessarily make them the best teachers.

    2. You can say,

    Tom's parents overindulge him.

    in stead of,

    Tom's parents too indulge him.

    3. I would rather use "old-minded," if that's what you meant, than "obsolete" for describing people.

  • Elisa
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    1 0 年前

    Good suggestions! Kevin.