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choosing a name

Is the name Scarlett common and receivable?

Someone said that the name Scarlett can be a joke in the eye of foreigners andthat's Where the joke begins because 'Scarlet woman' means prostitute.

Is Scarlett a good name? Will people laugh at my name?

Also,which name is the best and most common,charlotte,marietta or scarlett?

Thank you for helping me!

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    Hey there,

    Whoever told you that “Scarlett” is a joke with a meaning for prostitute, theyare definitely wrong. The name “Scarlett” was of Old French meaning “red”,and then in Old English people refer it to “red cloth”. Later on it becamethe job title of one who trades in scarlet cloth or makes clothes from scarletcloth; the word 'scarlet' is itself of the Latin 'scarlatum'. This was originally used a surname, but became popular asa girl’s name from the heroine Scarlett O'Hara of the Margaret Mitchell novel Gonewith the Wind (1936) and the subsequent film (1940), both of which were highlysuccessful and considered classic literature. Even in urban English, ‘Scarlett’is a term for an extremely attractive woman, not some kind of prostitute beingdespised by people.

    So you can go ahead and take the name Scarlett, which is one of the name Iquite like. Even the Hollywood star – ScarlettJohnson – has the same name, and I have never heard criticisms from the mediafor the name to have a relation with the meaning ‘prostitute’.

    However, if you are querying which is the most popular name, I will have to sayCharlotte! It ranked #87 in the US in 2008, whereas Scarlett ranked#210 of the same year. As for Marietta,it’s more commonly used in Spanish now than other English-speaking countries.

    Check out these name / term meaning websites: meaning/Scarlett meaning/0/Scarlett

    http://www.urbandictionary. com/define.php?term=scarlett

    參考資料: Baby Names Pedia
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    I think Charlotte is the best name of you. but, if you insisted the name Scarlett OK .and I'll say just do it. Did you know Obama (the president of the America) It's a new last name in America isn't it.

    If I were you, I don't care about that.I just choosing a name I like, thats all.

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